a kansas hunting experience


Our archery hunts take place during the pre-rut and rut periods. This time of the year offers the best chance to connect with a big buck.


You do not have to do any scouting - our stands are well placed either on travel corridors or nearby doe bedding areas. We have also seen some success in open areas with the use of the deer decoys and rattling. This type of hunting is usually done from the ground.


Guiding for archery is done one on two. You can hunt alone if you choose to do so. We are open minded for in-field suggestions or techniques if they have worked for you in the past.


The owner/operator - Carlos Navarro - is a bowhunter himself, and he knows that putting yourself in front of a big buck is not an easy task, so practice your shooting execution.


There are shooting targets outside the farmhouse that you can use anytime.

Jerry Morrell (FL), with an outstanding 216" trophy.