a kansas hunting experience


The first deer searson in Kansas is for Muzzle loader hunters only. Generally, at this time of the year, the deer are easier to pattern. In addition, we only book one to three hunters per season.


Kansas allows the use of inline muzzleloaders and magnifying scopes during this season. The season runs from teh last week in September to the first week of October.

Rifle season in Kansas opens on the first Wednesday in December. This season starts well after the end fo the rut is over. Although it makes for a less active hunt than in other neighboring states, this is real reason why Kansas always produces older, bigger bucks.

This time of year, we focus our efforts on hunting food sources from two-man 10 ft high towers. The key to success here is patience. These hunts are one on two.

Art Hathaway from Pennsylvania with his 196" Trophy