a kansas hunting experience


If you are looking to complete your World Slam, you have come to the right place! We have some of the finest Turkey Hunting in Kansas and Mexico, offering Rio Grande, Eastern, Ocellated, and Goulds Turkey. We are second to none - you will witness an abundance of turkeys every day of your trip.


Santa Maria Ranch owner, Carlos Navarro, holds an Archery World Slam title and is an expert at hunting Turkey with a bow. We have many bow hunting only designated areas on all of our properties. Shotgun hunters have thousands of acres available as well.


Kansas Turkey hunts are unguided. Transportation and meals are provided. Guided services are provided at an additional cost of $200 per day per hunter.


Our Mexico Hunts for Goulds and Ocellated Turkey have tremendous trophy potential and high success rates as well. We coordinate 100% of your itinerary, including flights, hotels, transportation, hunting permits, trophy importing, etc. giving our hunters a worry free experience. 

On our Goulds Hunts in Aguascalientes, we offer 20,000 acres with private ranch house accommodations, excellent food, English Speaking Guides, and an abundance of Turkeys. Our hunting area is located only a 2 hour drive from the International Airport where we will pick you up pesonally . For our Ocellated Hunts in Campeche, we have 20,000 acres of farm land surrounded by jungle, creating a unique scenario where you will see hundreds of birds in the fields. The accommodations include individual Chalets, Open Bar, and Swimming Pool, and the service is first class. 

Kansas Rio Grand Bow Hunting Trophies, 2009

Goulds Turkey Trophies, Durango, Mexico 2010

Ocellated Bow Hunting Trophy, Campeche, MX 2012